Welcome to Whiskey Street. The name harkens back to Salt Lake history. Before it was changed to Main Street in 1906, this stretch of road had been designated “Whiskey Street” by Brigham Young himself. It was a place where gentiles were able to quench their thirst. Even Mr. Young purchased his spirits from the numerous bars and the liquor store for which the street was named. As legend has it, during the late 1800s, Salt Lake City was so inundated with prospectors, soldiers, ladies of the night, and other people of ill-repute that the blocks between 200 South and 400 South, on what would later be called Main Street, was given to these gentiles to house the saloons, breweries, billiards clubs and parlor houses. Distilleries were also numerous in the city. Before 1870, there were an estimated 37 distilleries operated in Salt Lake City, all of them run by Mormons, including Brigham Young. At this unique Gastropub, you’ll feel that history come alive.