Travel Agency based out of Beverly Hills, CA

• How does this work?
For simple trips it’s totally free of charge to you. Our hotel vendors pay a small commission on your stay allowing us to be compensated for our time. For bigger trips we charge a one time $100 planning fee or $50/person for groups of 3 or more. This fee covers all the research that will be done to figure out hotel availability, transportation schedules/rates, excursions and much more. Time is money and we’re here to save you both 🙂

• What do you mean what’s my budget?
We plan all sorts of trips but we need a range to work in so we can find you exactly what you’re looking for. We can’t account for your day to day spending so please DO NOT include food costs in the budget you send us. Some clients like street tacos, some like Michelin Star meals. Since we don’t know your preferences, kindly leave spending money out of the budget when you send it back to us. Need help figuring out what a realistic budget might be for your destination? Just ask us!

• What can you do for me?
Our partnerships around the world allow us to provide you with special perks and VIP treatment wherever you travel. We often get special rates that include things like room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, resort credits, spa credits and WIFI.

• What’s the service like?
We custom tailor your trip from the ground up. Once traveling we offer you 24 hour support to make sure everything is exceeding your expectations. Service is first and foremost in our business and we aim to be the best.

• What about airfare?
We handle all forms of travel from cruises to airfare. Depending on the class of ticket being purchased on an airline we charge a small $50 booking fee per person / roundtrip flight.

• How do you get such great rates and perks?
Two Nights In is partnered with one of the largest global travel agencies (Protravel International) and we do all our bookings through them. The buying power of a company like Protravel helps us make sure our clients get VIP treatment all over the world.

• What if I’m just looking for an absolute bottom of the barrel rate?
We can usually match any price you find online so please let us know, however we’re not Expedia and we don’t really want to be. Our goal is to provide an elevated experience that gives our clients much more than what you’ll get out of a big booking site.