By creating living history, Andrew Meieran’s award winning design celebrates an era of invention and imagination– the blending of science, art, and industry. The space retains many of its architectural and mechanical artifacts from its history as Downtown LA’s first private power plant. The design combines styles ranging from Art Nouveau to Industrial Gothic in order to create a lavish Industrial Cathedral—a space that needs to be experienced more than just seen.

A blend of the past, present, and future, The Edison inspires the romance of such legendary nightspots as The Cocoanut Grove and Ciro’s while reminding us that we live in a City of dreams and at a time of great invention.

Located in the sub-basement of the historic Higgins Building, The Edison celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2010. When built in 1910, the power plant at the heart of The Edison was designed to signal a new future for Downtown Los Angeles. We are proud that this once forgotten space is once again leading the way for the resurgence of the Historic Core.