Andréa Bendewald,  the Founder of The Art of Circling, has been leading women’s self empowerment, monthly moon circles and celebration circles since 2004. Hundreds of women, from all walks of life have found their way to Andréa’s circles and many have experienced radical transformations in both their personal and professional lives. She uses The Art of Circling to create a deeper relationship to the authentic self, build community and support, and experience a sense of oneness that strengthens the human spirit.

Andréa is a Way of Council Facilitator, certified through the Ojai Foundation in Ojai, California. She offers Way of Council circles to elementary schools, professional organizations and for personal enlightenment.

The Art of Circling is a group mindfulness practice that uses ancient ritual in a modern setting to empower individuals, strengthen communities and enhance productivity. Through sharing stories, deep listening and interconnected meditation, the Art of Circling empowers, heals and transforms lives. Events include: Women’s Empowerment Groups, Full Moon Co ed Circles, Corporate Retreat Circles, Family Circles, Council in Schools, and Private Celebration Circles.