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I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in divorce. My approach is directive and skills-based, with an emphasis on mindfulness and personal growth. I help people learn to communicate effectively, minimize conflict, and focus on what they can control: their own choices. I’m also a writer and have written extensively about divorce, including my book, TRANSCENDING HIGH-CONFLICT DIVORCE: HOW TO DISENGAGE FROM YOUR EX AND FIND YOUR POWER. … [read more]
Are you ready to feel better? Taking the first step takes courage. That’s why, when you’re ready to go there, Forward Counseling will be there to help. They believe that anyone can heal with the right tools. Forward Counseling offers a holistic path to resolve emotional distress and improve performance. They utilize effective, progressive interventions and track your progress to help you meet your goals. … [read more]
Joyful Living Therapy founders Jill and Dan are affectionately known as the “laughter couple” for their coaching and yoga techniques which incorporate laughter to bring more joy to their clients’ personal and professional lives. They are laughter professors with a mission – to share their passion for joyful, positive living with everyone they meet. Together, they offer laughter workshops, corporate wellness programs, laughter life coaching, laughter therapy, and laughter products. Jill and Dan have helped … [read more]
Encompass Mental Health is a counseling practice located in Sioux Falls, SD that provides play therapy for children with behavioral challenges, counseling for women looking for greater balance and happiness in their lives, and consultation for child care programs to improve the quality of their programs and promote positive behaviors of the children in their care. They also specialize in EMDR for trauma recovery and mindfulness training. Book an appointment now and begin changing your … [read more]
At Choices, it is their guiding belief that individuals have within themselves the strength to confront problems and overcome obstacles. Therefore, the goal of Choices Counseling Center is to challenge and empower clients to utilize their resources and enhance their personal growth and development. They are committed to providing quality outpatient behavioral health services, client confidentiality, ethical practices, as well as counseling techniques that utilize the most current research and standards.Through these practices, you just … [read more]
Clarity Counseling in Fargo is dedicated to helping you learn to love yourself and others, leading you more choice, meaning and peace in your life. They provide individual, couples and group counseling. In addition, they offer educational services to the community when requested. They specialize in topics such as body image, codependency, relationships, spirituality, balance, shame, and self-care. Explore their website to find the services that best meet your needs and current situation. … [read more]
At Daring Minds Therapy, their vast experience enables them to offer effective mental health services to a variety of populations. They treat mental health disorders, substance use disorders, trauma, and life problems. Their practitioners are trained to work with children, adolescents, and adults. They use a variety of evidence-based practices including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Solution-Focused Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Trauma-Focused CBT, Art Therapy, Child-Parent Psychotherapy, EMDR, etc. If Daring Minds Therapy … [read more]
Creative Counseling Group is composed of therapists who are dedicated to helping individuals, families and couples through times of life transitions and crisis. Their team has several specialized certifications and trainings including Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), special training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). They also specialize in treating eating disorders, and boast extensive experience treating anxiety and depression. Their team … [read more]
The research is clear. Early childhood experiences impact development and life-long potential. Children thrive in families that are nurturing, resilient and self-sufficient. When our children thrive, our whole community is strengthened. The Children & Families First approach, anchored in the indisputable facts of brain science, ensures that they provide the best and most appropriate services to continue meeting the evolving needs of the Delaware community. … [read more]
Life is an ever changing event that not only provides us opportunities to grow, but also demands that we be flexible in order to thrive. For most people, we try to face new obstacles by ourselves and only turn to outside help when we feel out of options. For many, this is a sign of weakness. At Avondale Therapy, they believe that the motivation to face challenges with as many resources as possible shows not … [read more]
Central Washington Psychotherapy Associates (CWPA) is an association of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts which provides a broad spectrum of psychotherapy and mental health wellness services. Their offices are located in Northwest Washington, DC in Dupont Circle and Woodley Park; in Bethesda and Takoma Park, MD; and in Alexandria, VA. Regardless if you are seeking coaching or short-term counseling for a specific issue, traditional psychotherapy, therapy for your child, or even depth psychoanalysis, they have skilled psychotherapists … [read more]
In the context of a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, psychotherapist & Founder Tiffany takes a pragmatic approach to her work with clients. While customizing services and style of working to each individual’s needs, she utilizes solution focused techniques to empower clients to utilize effective communication skills, gain empathy for others, and build insight into their own ways of relating with both themselves and others. Tiffany’s theoretical perspective is integrative, drawing from Family Systems Theory, Attachment … [read more]
Deciding to divorce is not a failure in Divorce Decision Counseling. Though our passion is in helping couples rebuild their marriages, we understand that divorce happens. Divorce support is an important part of the process, especially when children are involved. We can help you have better communication that is calmer and more focused on what’s important. We also help you to grieve the end of the relationship if you need to. Just because you are … [read more]
Objective is to learn how to effectively co-parent even though there were likely many reasons the marriage did not work. Parents will learn to build on their strengths, explore new parenting options in areas currently not working and learn to communicate clearly what is important to the healthy development of the child. Program enforces mutual respect, choices, consistency, accountability and adherance to parenting agreements. Blended family dynamics will be addressed as well as behavioral and … [read more]
At Restorative Counseling in Chicago our experienced team provides effective and supportive counseling. The unique strengths and challenges of individuals are honored while working to enhance life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships. … [read more]
Peace of Mind Psychological Services in Atlanta strives to encourage clients’ emotional healing and growth in a welcoming, compassionate, and accepting therapeutic environment. A psychological evaluation provides specialized assessment of a client’s individual strengths and weaknesses, in order to guide treatment. During therapy, the client and therapist work together to achieve collaboratively set upon goals to treat emotional, behavioral, and relational problems. An opportunity to help clients learn to better deal with life stressors with the … [read more]
Sage Center promotes comprehensive wellness in the Atlanta community by providing quality support services through counseling, consultation, education, and mentorship to individuals, professionals and organizations. Sage Center is committed to serving with integrity, compassion and respect in a balanced and collaborative environment. … [read more]