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Rich Drinon facilitates leadership communication coaching for executives and management teams. Through a combination of group and individual sessions, team members experience personal growth and greater team synergy. Coaching focuses on relevant challenges such as communicating effectively, building relationships and trust, delegating and coaching skills for achieving results through others, leading change and making decisions. Coaching is offered on-site regionally and by phone or video-conference nationally. … [read more]
The Bold Babe collective is a supportive and empowering community for women who are seeking clarity and courage to create a life that energizes and celebrates who they really are. As ambitious women, when we find ourselves in demanding home or business environments, we sometimes struggle and lose ourselves to the need to please or the need to be perfect. If we can create our own sense of calm, and invite ourselves to show up … [read more]
Imagine a life where you feel deeply connected in your relationships, authentically express yourself and feel inspired by your work. You listen to your inner voice and nurture, care for yourself so that you have more to give those you love. You are actively working to create the more beautiful world you believe is possible, creating belonging and standing up against oppression and injustice. Savannah Mayfield of Nurture Life Coaching believes that when we are … [read more]
At All Asap Coaching, they have dedicated their lives to making yours the best it can be. They offer an incredible array of skilled psychological therapeutic and coaching methods to tackle your present issues and set the groundwork for an incredibly freeing and enjoyable future. Take a look at your life and everything around you from an outside perspective. Life is full of beauty and adventure. The opportunities to morph our greatest dreams into the … [read more]
At I & We Coaching, they invite you to embark on a journey of awareness of how our past influences our present and directs our future. The stories we have created, the emotional states we live in and who we think we are may have an adverse impact for how we make sense of what has happened in the past, as well as what is happening in our lives today. This can lead to the … [read more]
There are two things that prevent us from living the most joyful and fulfilling life possible. The first is negative thought patterns. The second is bodily dysfunction and pain. At Spirit of Healing, they believe that we don’t have to let either stop us from enjoying our lives. That’s why Spirit of Healing has brought together bodywork and life coaching for a holistic experience of rejuvenation and healing. … [read more]
Life coach Catherine Wood used her own life as my playground, where she practices what she preaches. One day she woke up and realized that she was unhappy— unhappy with her career, unhappy with her body, unhappy with her relationships, and unhappy with the way her life was going in general. It wasn’t easy, but eventually, with the help of her own coach, she took a stand for her dreams. Since then, Catherine has helped … [read more]
Aleksandra Eifler, creator of Vita Infuse Yourself With Life™, has a passion for transformation through awareness and compassionate mindset. Her mission is to ignite self-discovery and raise consciousness. She encourages others to trust their intuitive intelligence. Aleksandra empowers lifestyle changes that will help shift away from unhealthy and self-destructive habits to sustainable ones for lasting health and happiness. Aleksandra’s coaching is fused with empowering mantras as a powerful tool to counter daily stress. She deeply … [read more]
Tina Marie St.Cyr is a board certified executive coach and a licensed corporate trainer specializing in human communications & human relations. With over 12,000 hours of application, study and design of programs, her methods for helping people create immediate and lasting results is extraordinary. Clients refer to her as their “Professional Sounding Board”, “Personal Advisor”,”Secret Weapon”, “Life Coach”, and “Evokateur”. She readily combines her many years of sales strategy, project management skills, team leadership and … [read more]
Deciding to divorce is not a failure in Divorce Decision Counseling. Though our passion is in helping couples rebuild their marriages, we understand that divorce happens. Divorce support is an important part of the process, especially when children are involved. We can help you have better communication that is calmer and more focused on what’s important. We also help you to grieve the end of the relationship if you need to. Just because you are … [read more]
Sheila Brennan is your personal advocate. She empowers you to take charge: not only of your divorce, but of your life, your dignity, and your sanity. … [read more]
Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. Our mission is to support you in navigating the turbulence of life. We will guide you in how to embrace life as an adventure and help you manifest an ideal you and a life you love. By engaging you in the belief that this season of struggle offers transformative personal growth, we will help put you on a new … [read more]
You are free to create and enjoy the life YOU want … even if you’re not sure how. We’ll work together to discover your next best steps. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TRANSFORM? … [read more]