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I’m a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in divorce. My approach is directive and skills-based, with an emphasis on mindfulness and personal growth. I help people learn to communicate effectively, minimize conflict, and focus on what they can control: their own choices. I’m also a writer and have written extensively about divorce, including my book, TRANSCENDING HIGH-CONFLICT DIVORCE: HOW TO DISENGAGE FROM YOUR EX AND FIND YOUR POWER. … [read more]
Second Saturday Divorce Workshops provide non-biased financial, emotional and legal advice from qualified local professionals to help people contemplating or going through a divorce. … [read more]
Helping separated and divorced parents raise happy and secure kids … [read more]
support & solutions for thriving beyond divorce … [read more]
The research is clear. Early childhood experiences impact development and life-long potential. Children thrive in families that are nurturing, resilient and self-sufficient. When our children thrive, our whole community is strengthened. The Children & Families First approach, anchored in the indisputable facts of brain science, ensures that they provide the best and most appropriate services to continue meeting the evolving needs of the Delaware community. … [read more]
Change is never easy, regardless if you’re stuck, stagnant, or looking for that next big challenge, but the truth is we need more than just motivation or an inspirational quote. The Get Life Coaching approach is to act as mechanics for people’s lives and businesses, helping them to live to their truest potential. Their mission is to help people live more confidentially and free. Take their relationship from sinking to abundant love. Start a business … [read more]
NEW BEGINNINGS® offers a divorce support group and an essential structure and the crucial community of others to heal the pain, speed recovery and move beyond the hurt toward a better future. Discussion meetings, expert speakers and social events provide a forum for coping with loss and betrayal, overcoming problems of trust and risk, and developing improved communication skills. It is not enough just to make the pain go away; the real task is to … [read more]
For more than two decades Olney Counseling Center has offered comprehensive mental health care to youth and adults of all ages. Their team of licensed, certified behavioral health therapists offer a wide array of testing, diagnosis and therapy services for individuals, couples, families and groups at their conveniently located center right in the heart of Olney, Maryland. No matter your need, they are here to help. … [read more]
Rich Drinon facilitates leadership communication coaching for executives and management teams. Through a combination of group and individual sessions, team members experience personal growth and greater team synergy. Coaching focuses on relevant challenges such as communicating effectively, building relationships and trust, delegating and coaching skills for achieving results through others, leading change and making decisions. Coaching is offered on-site regionally and by phone or video-conference nationally. … [read more]
The Counseling & Mediation Center was founded in 1991 to provide spiritual, emotional, and physical health care for mind, body and spirit. The Staff of the Counseling & Mediation Center includes Licensed Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists, Substances Abuse Counselors, Psychiatrists, Certified Pastoral Counselors, and the state’s largest Staff of State Approved Mediators. Every member of their team is fully credentialed and held to the highest standards of their profession. … [read more]
The Bold Babe collective is a supportive and empowering community for women who are seeking clarity and courage to create a life that energizes and celebrates who they really are. As ambitious women, when we find ourselves in demanding home or business environments, we sometimes struggle and lose ourselves to the need to please or the need to be perfect. If we can create our own sense of calm, and invite ourselves to show up … [read more]
Imagine a life where you feel deeply connected in your relationships, authentically express yourself and feel inspired by your work. You listen to your inner voice and nurture, care for yourself so that you have more to give those you love. You are actively working to create the more beautiful world you believe is possible, creating belonging and standing up against oppression and injustice. Savannah Mayfield of Nurture Life Coaching believes that when we are … [read more]
At All Asap Coaching, they have dedicated their lives to making yours the best it can be. They offer an incredible array of skilled psychological therapeutic and coaching methods to tackle your present issues and set the groundwork for an incredibly freeing and enjoyable future. Take a look at your life and everything around you from an outside perspective. Life is full of beauty and adventure. The opportunities to morph our greatest dreams into the … [read more]
At I & We Coaching, they invite you to embark on a journey of awareness of how our past influences our present and directs our future. The stories we have created, the emotional states we live in and who we think we are may have an adverse impact for how we make sense of what has happened in the past, as well as what is happening in our lives today. This can lead to the … [read more]
Life is an ever changing event that not only provides us opportunities to grow, but also demands that we be flexible in order to thrive. For most people, we try to face new obstacles by ourselves and only turn to outside help when we feel out of options. For many, this is a sign of weakness. At Avondale Therapy, they believe that the motivation to face challenges with as many resources as possible shows not … [read more]
There are two things that prevent us from living the most joyful and fulfilling life possible. The first is negative thought patterns. The second is bodily dysfunction and pain. At Spirit of Healing, they believe that we don’t have to let either stop us from enjoying our lives. That’s why Spirit of Healing has brought together bodywork and life coaching for a holistic experience of rejuvenation and healing. … [read more]
Lakeside Behavioral Health is a mental health facility serving the Greater St. Louis area. They offer a comprehensive array of services including behavioral therapy, adult and adolescent outpatient services, and TMS. Their mission is to provide individualized and coordinated behavioral healthcare to improve the quality of life of their clients,connecting patients and their families with professionals and resources, while offering state of the art therapies and leveraging health information technology to best serve the mental … [read more]
At Loring Therapy, they offer a variety of therapy and counseling services to the metro Detroit area. They are located in Garden City, Michigan and serve surrounding cities including Livonia, Westland, Wayne, Novi, Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Northville, Redford and Dearborn. As a practical, interactive, results-oriented practice, their individualized approach to treatments can provide each client with a supportive, functional and empowering partnership in achieving his or her personal goals. Whether it is the resolution of … [read more]
At Dragonfly Counseling & Wellness, they are committed to a holistic approach to mental health and wellness because mind, body, and spirit are interdependent. Paying attention to these different parts is fundamental to help you achieve balance. As Socrates said, “the part can never be well unless the whole is well.” They believe that mental health and physical health are equally important to achieve a balanced, gratifying life. However, while it is quite common nowadays … [read more]
Central Washington Psychotherapy Associates (CWPA) is an association of psychotherapists and psychoanalysts which provides a broad spectrum of psychotherapy and mental health wellness services. Their offices are located in Northwest Washington, DC in Dupont Circle and Woodley Park; in Bethesda and Takoma Park, MD; and in Alexandria, VA. Regardless if you are seeking coaching or short-term counseling for a specific issue, traditional psychotherapy, therapy for your child, or even depth psychoanalysis, they have skilled psychotherapists … [read more]
Life coach Catherine Wood used her own life as my playground, where she practices what she preaches. One day she woke up and realized that she was unhappy— unhappy with her career, unhappy with her body, unhappy with her relationships, and unhappy with the way her life was going in general. It wasn’t easy, but eventually, with the help of her own coach, she took a stand for her dreams. Since then, Catherine has helped … [read more]
In the context of a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, psychotherapist & Founder Tiffany takes a pragmatic approach to her work with clients. While customizing services and style of working to each individual’s needs, she utilizes solution focused techniques to empower clients to utilize effective communication skills, gain empathy for others, and build insight into their own ways of relating with both themselves and others. Tiffany’s theoretical perspective is integrative, drawing from Family Systems Theory, Attachment … [read more]
Among many resume writing services you can find online, Expert Resume Pros stands out due to its quality, prices, number of satisfied customers, and most importantly, its qualified and experienced writers. Providing this service for the past 18 years, they became reputable by successfully helping job seekers of various backgrounds write their resumes. Their writers follow the latest standards to meet all criteria hiring managers are looking for while choosing their new workforce. … [read more]
We protect victims of domestic violence and improve the well-being of children living in poverty. With the help of volunteers, the Center provides free family law assistance and legal education to the poor. We strive to empower people in need and assure them meaningful access to the courts. … [read more]
Aleksandra Eifler, creator of Vita Infuse Yourself With Life™, has a passion for transformation through awareness and compassionate mindset. Her mission is to ignite self-discovery and raise consciousness. She encourages others to trust their intuitive intelligence. Aleksandra empowers lifestyle changes that will help shift away from unhealthy and self-destructive habits to sustainable ones for lasting health and happiness. Aleksandra’s coaching is fused with empowering mantras as a powerful tool to counter daily stress. She deeply … [read more]
Alison Cardy, founder and CEO of Cardy Career Coaching, developed her signature method because she experienced firsthand the pain, frustration, and worry that grows out of being in the wrong career, particularly when you know you have more to offer the world. A highly structured thinker with a love for optimization, Alison determined the most effective, quickest path to career clarity through her work with hundreds of professionals over the course of many years. Today, … [read more]
Stacie Jordan specializes in coaching women who are coming out of long marriages, helping them to regain their security, find the confidence and support needed to power through their divorce, and build the foundation for their next chapter. ​Your divorce experience will be unique to you, and you alone will know what is right for you. This is your time to find a new way. Divorce can be hard and messy, but it doesn’t have … [read more]
Tina Marie St.Cyr is a board certified executive coach and a licensed corporate trainer specializing in human communications & human relations. With over 12,000 hours of application, study and design of programs, her methods for helping people create immediate and lasting results is extraordinary. Clients refer to her as their “Professional Sounding Board”, “Personal Advisor”,”Secret Weapon”, “Life Coach”, and “Evokateur”. She readily combines her many years of sales strategy, project management skills, team leadership and … [read more]
If you think divorce is one of the hardest things to go through in life you are right. It’s up there with the death of a loved one. In some cases even worse. It is always a loss, a death. It saps our strength, joy, sanity, peace, stability, and many of the good aspects of life for the time being. It is excruciatingly painful, mentally exhausting, and financially calamitous. In most cases it’s complicated. It … [read more]
Are you going through a divorce, dealing with post-divorce issues, transitioning to single-parenthood or entering the dating world again? All of these are major life changes. A divorce coach will help you demystify the process and regain a sense of control by walking you through step by step and helping you create a roadmap through divorce and after. Coaching provides you with clarity, direction and the tools you need to navigate into your “new” normal. … [read more]
Deciding to divorce is not a failure in Divorce Decision Counseling. Though our passion is in helping couples rebuild their marriages, we understand that divorce happens. Divorce support is an important part of the process, especially when children are involved. We can help you have better communication that is calmer and more focused on what’s important. We also help you to grieve the end of the relationship if you need to. Just because you are … [read more]
Objective is to learn how to effectively co-parent even though there were likely many reasons the marriage did not work. Parents will learn to build on their strengths, explore new parenting options in areas currently not working and learn to communicate clearly what is important to the healthy development of the child. Program enforces mutual respect, choices, consistency, accountability and adherance to parenting agreements. Blended family dynamics will be addressed as well as behavioral and … [read more]
Sheila Brennan is your personal advocate. She empowers you to take charge: not only of your divorce, but of your life, your dignity, and your sanity. … [read more]
Sometimes, even the strongest person can benefit from talking to a professional. Compass Family Counseling in Little Rock, AR, has licensed and insured counselors trained and experienced to be able to help you through the many challenges of life. Thus family-owned and -operated clinic is here to work with you and find out exactly what it is that’s bothering you. They’ll find the source of the problem, come up with a suitable therapy plan, and … [read more]
The Women’s Independence Network provides education, support and guidance to women in transition due to divorce or the loss of their spouse. If you are unsure what your next step is, or are overwhelmed the the process, we can help. WIN is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to assisting women just like you. Our partners include Therapists, Attorneys, Professional Organizers, Life Coaches, Financial Advisors, and other professionals who provide a solid contribution to helping … [read more]
Our Mission Statement: Women & Family Life Center empowers women and their families to face challenges and transitions in their lives with grace and dignity. Within our safe and intimate setting on the Connecticut shoreline: -Women and families in crisis move to new strength -Life transitions become a time of positive change rather than a time of isolation, fear, and financial distress -Women and families are able to access a strong network of support, education, … [read more]
Journey Beyond Divorce is a team of Certified Life Coaches specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. Our mission is to support you in navigating the turbulence of life. We will guide you in how to embrace life as an adventure and help you manifest an ideal you and a life you love. By engaging you in the belief that this season of struggle offers transformative personal growth, we will help put you on a new … [read more]
You are free to create and enjoy the life YOU want … even if you’re not sure how. We’ll work together to discover your next best steps. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO TRANSFORM? … [read more]
At Restorative Counseling in Chicago our experienced team provides effective and supportive counseling. The unique strengths and challenges of individuals are honored while working to enhance life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships. … [read more]
Since 1983, the non-profit Divorce Center has been helping divorcing individuals and families with easing the trauma of divorce by providing education, professional expertise and resources. Comprised of a network of professionals from multiple disciplines serving the divorcing community – attorneys, mediators, psychotherapists, career counselors, and financial experts – we believe that individuals and families experiencing divorce need to be well-informed and supported throughout the process. Even for someone just thinking about divorce, we can … [read more]
Peace of Mind Psychological Services in Atlanta strives to encourage clients’ emotional healing and growth in a welcoming, compassionate, and accepting therapeutic environment. A psychological evaluation provides specialized assessment of a client’s individual strengths and weaknesses, in order to guide treatment. During therapy, the client and therapist work together to achieve collaboratively set upon goals to treat emotional, behavioral, and relational problems. An opportunity to help clients learn to better deal with life stressors with the … [read more]
Sage Center promotes comprehensive wellness in the Atlanta community by providing quality support services through counseling, consultation, education, and mentorship to individuals, professionals and organizations. Sage Center is committed to serving with integrity, compassion and respect in a balanced and collaborative environment. … [read more]
Women are building careers on their terms. We’ve created a resource that addresses the unique challenges ​facing women and developed solutions specifically for you. Explore our tools and sign up for a free 28-day plan to kickstart your career. … [read more]