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What if you could feel incredible satisfaction and purpose in life? Maybe you are a student considering which career path to pursue or an adult seeking help with a life transition. You could be a young professional figuring out your best career path. Thrive Consulting is here to help you work through those transitions so that you can do more than survive in life…you can thrive! … [read more]
You might be struggling to maintain morale and motivation. You might see a disconnect between daily tasks and your bigger mission. You might be wondering how to handle motivation issues to improve your performance. Maybe you’re under pressure to meet short-term deadlines with limited resources to do so. You need sustainable solutions to your communication, leadership and strategic planning struggles, and Integrative Leadership Strategies can help. … [read more]
Helping you improve your brand and reach your fullest potential as a professional is their passion at CareerPro Inc.. For more than 28 years, this veteran- and family-owned comprehensive career services firm has been your premier source for human resource consulting in Raleigh, NC. Specializing in individual and corporate outplacement, they rely on their experience to deliver maximum results. All of CareerPro’s services are catered to your unique needs. Their representatives are excellent listeners and … [read more]
Do you want to take your career to the next level? Are you concerned or confused about your next employment move? Would you like professional direction in your transition? A career coach may be what you need. Coaching helps identify values, strengths, and motivations. It helps you identify goals, actions and direction in reaching your potential. The employment search has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Staying current on these issues can be difficult … [read more]
Are you feeling underemployed, underappreciated, underpaid, and just plain underwater? You’re not alone. Moving up within a company can be one of the hardest moves to make in your career. Often people leave jobs becasue they aren’t valued enough at their current company and they feel stuck. But don’t jump too soon. There are ways to overcome that obstacle and finally achieve the promotion that’s escaped you for so long. When you work with Thrive … [read more]
At My Wing Man, you’ll find a network of professional consultants who are seasoned military veterans, doctors, and civilian professionals. They specialize in organizational development, leadership, mentoring relationships, and writing services. Each consultant has a Master’s degree+ and over 25-years of practical experience. This is your first step toward a more fulfilling career and life. … [read more]
AMPED offers individual, group and corporate opportunities of coaching, consulting, facilitating, mentoring, teaching, training, speaking engagements, workshops and webinars. AMPED supports communities, other businesses and organizations to deliver and sustain their opportunities. It assists clients with developing mission and vision statements, generating solutions and strategies (problem-solving), creating goals and objectives for personal and organizational needs, and identifying community opportunities for business purposes. … [read more]
First impressions are everything. With hundreds, even thousands, of résumés flooding companies every week for a single open position, yours must stand out. Let CareerPro transform your résumé from a laundry list of work history into an engaging document that chronicles your skills, strengths, experience, talents, and accomplishments. CareerPro’s award-winning writer Michele McCann has crafted résumés for over 20,000 clients over the past 20 years. With her finger on the pulse of hiring trends and … [read more]
The truth is, conducting a successful job search is hard! A shotgun approach to job hunting yields shoddy results. Resumes require meticulous crafting, interviews demand diligent preparation, and networking should be strategic. At Your Next Jump, they want to ensure their clients have done everything possible to obtain the job of their dreams. You’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money into your career. What type of return do you expect for that investment? … [read more]
Rich Drinon facilitates leadership communication coaching for executives and management teams. Through a combination of group and individual sessions, team members experience personal growth and greater team synergy. Coaching focuses on relevant challenges such as communicating effectively, building relationships and trust, delegating and coaching skills for achieving results through others, leading change and making decisions. Coaching is offered on-site regionally and by phone or video-conference nationally. … [read more]
At All Asap Coaching, they have dedicated their lives to making yours the best it can be. They offer an incredible array of skilled psychological therapeutic and coaching methods to tackle your present issues and set the groundwork for an incredibly freeing and enjoyable future. Take a look at your life and everything around you from an outside perspective. Life is full of beauty and adventure. The opportunities to morph our greatest dreams into the … [read more]
Equal parts your girlfriend’s living room, mom’s kitchen table, a girls’ night out, and your favorite classroom ever, the SheHive is a place for you to connect with and learn from women fiercely committed to loving you, lifting you up and helping you discover ​those best parts of yourself that only other women can. The SheHive is guided by a brave, eclectic and diverse collective, and provides classes, coaching and social events for women in … [read more]
Polaris Career Center provides education and training programs that focus on personal and career success. Their courses are designed to help you upgrade your skill set, gain access to the workforce or introduce you to a brand new career. Course offerings and content remain current with today’s changing technology and job market. … [read more]
Aleksandra Eifler, creator of Vita Infuse Yourself With Life™, has a passion for transformation through awareness and compassionate mindset. Her mission is to ignite self-discovery and raise consciousness. She encourages others to trust their intuitive intelligence. Aleksandra empowers lifestyle changes that will help shift away from unhealthy and self-destructive habits to sustainable ones for lasting health and happiness. Aleksandra’s coaching is fused with empowering mantras as a powerful tool to counter daily stress. She deeply … [read more]
In today’s highly competitive admissions and employment landscape, a first impression has never been more critical. Higher You’s goal is to reimagine, refocus, and revitalize your tangible brand, to best position you to pursue your aspirations. … [read more]
Alison Cardy, founder and CEO of Cardy Career Coaching, developed her signature method because she experienced firsthand the pain, frustration, and worry that grows out of being in the wrong career, particularly when you know you have more to offer the world. A highly structured thinker with a love for optimization, Alison determined the most effective, quickest path to career clarity through her work with hundreds of professionals over the course of many years. Today, … [read more]
Back in the day, airplanes couldn’t get started unless there was someone to physically give the propeller a push to get it going. Coach Tamara likes to think of herself as that propeller pusher. See, she believes that we already have everything inside of us that we need to succeed…sometimes we just need someone to push us in the right direction. She helps propel her clients to new heights by giving them a little push. … [read more]
The Best Remote and Flexible Jobs, and a Better Way to Find Them. With FlexJobs, you can access hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs—quickly and easily! … [read more]