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Introducing the Most Gentle & Eco-Friendly Way to Cleanse & Exfoliate Your Sweet Cheeks … [read more]
Mansion Nail Lounge brings you a New Brand kind of salon, a uniquely vibrant and relaxed environment with a modern luxurious feel. They have the vision needed to recognize and re-establish what the industry has been lacking for many years. Their priority is to make their clients feel pampered and relaxed while getting beautified. You belong in luxury, you deserve pampering and excellence. … [read more]
Nowadays, nail salons are destinations. Keeping this in mid, founders Chin and Malati, decided to create a modern design of nail salon, where people can have their nails done but in a relaxing, organic, and eco-friendly environment. Healthy nails are the foundation of healthier you. At Olivia, they use impeccable technique and high-quality products from beginning to end. … [read more]
Banya 5 strives to create a rigorous, exhilarating and relaxing experience in a warm and welcoming “third place” where people can participate in cultural bathing traditions as a self-directed means of relaxation and rejuvenation. It is an environment which promotes wellness, vitality and rejuvenation of the soul in the tradition of Turkish hammams, Russian banyas, Finnish saunas and Japanese bath houses. Join the Banya 5 community and immerse yourself in this unique sensory experience. … [read more]
You are sure to have a luxurious experience in the most complete Hair and Beauty Salon and Medical Spa in Spokane. Luxe’s education-focused hair artists provide superior service with attention to the needs and goals of their clients, while their growing list of Medical Spa services further support your desired beauty and health goals. Luxe Salon & Spa offers a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere and high-end feel with a reasonable pricetag. They love seeing all of … [read more]
Urban Nail Box is a small, woman-owned business that provides a chic, modern vibe with stylish nail-arts. They’ve done their homework to put your health and their artist’s health first. Additionally, they prioritize work-life balance, provide a “Seattle” living wage, and promise the happiest working place on Earth, because happy artists lead to happy nails! Urban Nail Box is where self-care meets self-expression. Happiness is nothing more than good health… and of course, good nails! … [read more]
SANTÉ is exactly what you’d envision if you could choose a relaxing atmosphere in which to rejuvenate your health and appearance. The team at SANTÉ Aesthetics & Wellness includes a group of extensively trained naturopathic doctors who are dedicated to healing and helping each patient achieve their full potential and optimal health. They help patients prevent disease and get to the root cause of illness rather than merely treating symptoms, and then treat conditions by … [read more]
The Honey Pot is a local women owned and operated studio specializing in Sugaring hair removal, Eyelash Extensions, Organic Airbrush Tanning, and Nails. All of their products are cruelty free and as local as possible. They’re located in a beautiful yellow Victorian house. To preserve the historic feel of the neighborhood, there is no sign. The Honey Pot is Portland’s best-kept secret! … [read more]
Salon 124 opened in 2002 in the heart of Keizer, and they have been providing our guests with the most current trends and services ever since. Their versatile Loreal Professionel and Kevin Murphy haircolor/products allow guests to build their own personal style. Creating comfortable trusting relationships with clients is at the heart of their mission. Once you experience what Salon 124 has to offer, you’ll be returning for years to come. So sit back. relax … [read more]
Fleur de Lys is an elegant, unique salon featuring beautiful local art, jewelry and gifts. An ideal space for bridal gatherings, birthday celebrations, or just escaping for a quiet moment on your own! Their methods are of the highest standard in nail care—they work very hard to keep their products as close to organic as possible, using only the best ingredients available! Their footbaths are large, beautiful copper bowls…copper is easy to sanitize and a … [read more]
Looking for a social, stress-free mani/pedi experience? They got you. Laquerus was created to make getting your nails done feel more enjoyable, and less like a total chore. They know that whether it’s a neutral nude or fab foil accent, self-expression looks great on everyone. With over 150 colors, a seasonally-curated menu, and super talented nail artists, an Instagram-worthy mani is at your fingertips. … [read more]
At Lowcountry Bronze, they are passionate about giving people a safe, healthy and natural looking way to tan. For years, they have perfected their formula and spraying technique to assure that you achieve the perfect tan every time. Their vegan sunless solutions boast both anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, walnut extract and Vitamins A, C, and E. These are some of the most well-researched and beneficial topical ingredients available today. They … [read more]
Black Swan Lashes is here to cater to all of your eyelash extension needs. They have the most experienced Xtreme eyelash specialists in the Charleston area. Come enjoy lash extensions with the Black Swan Experience and leave feeling beautifully pampered. You can even enjoy a nap in one of their intimate lash rooms, where you will find the peace and quiet you deserve, free of normal salon and spa distractions. As soon as you know … [read more]
Stella Nails is Charleston’s premier local Nail Salon with multiple locations throughtout the city. Their team is professionally trained and is focused on providing you with a luxurious experience while you relax in their modern yet inviting space. … [read more]
Chroma is the Greek word for the purity and intensity of color, something that inspired former professional makeup artist and owner Fernanda Patriota. Chroma Hair Studio & Spa was born in 2013 in a one room studio and expanded into a full service salon and spa in January of 2018. To this day, they strive to provide the highest levels of customer service with a relaxing environment, skillful professionals, and a variety of products with … [read more]
The story began in 2014 when Wildflower Hair and Nail Studio budded as a fresh salon concept. They have since attracted some of the very best, well-established & most professional creative talent in up-and-coming Birmingham. Free of restraint and full of creative drive, these beauty professionals can happily perform the highest quality services and personally accomodate their clients with a nuanced and specialized form of customer service. Collectively, they are devoted to delivering the current … [read more]
Luxury, service, excellence — the professionals at Nail Time strive to bring you all of these with no compromise to affordability. They take pride in being a cut above the rest, offering an array of services including spa manicures/pedicures, nail enhancement, waxing, and much more, all within an immaculately designed chic and shimmering facility. Nail Time cuts no corners when it comes to both quality and care. … [read more]
Welcome to Sol, an organic sunless tanning studio. They offer flawless, custom spray tans using modern hvlp spray tanning machines. Their talented spray tan artists are efficient, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you have never experienced a custom spray tan you may be very hesitant to try. Rest assured that their number one priority is making their clients feel comfortable and look naturally sunkissed. … [read more]
At KC Lashes, they add volume and length to your natural lashes with professionally applied lash extensions. Available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors and applied by certified technicians, their high-quality lash extensions will give you a full and luxurious, natural lash look. Further enhance your eyes with a lash perm or lash lift. They offer these and other services to accentuate your already beautiful eyes. … [read more]
Hair Stylist Molly McPheter opened the doors to her posh and elegant Kansas City boutique salon called Roots and Branches Salon in July 2014. Located in the historical and beautiful downtown River Market neighborhood, Molly strives to deliver downtown glamor flared with an all-around city sensation. The Roots and Branches staff has that unique ability to create a look for each of their clients — not just any look, but their own individual look. Roots … [read more]
Tints strives to create the ultimate nail care experience with a warm, professional staff; chic, contemporary decor; and the highest hygiene standards. At Tints, you’ll never go through the stress of the ordinary nail salon experience. There’s no laundry list of upcharges for services like gel polish removal, sugar scrub exfoliation, extended massage or your choice of polish. All of these services are included. Let them pour you a glass of wine or a cup … [read more]
K.WEST Skin Body Soul is Ann Arbor’s home of holistic skin care. They believe that the way you look is a direct reflection of the way you feel, but they know that there is not a one size fits all “fix”. Self care is an ongoing commitment. Programs are personally tailored to you, drawn from the traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, and combined with the latest aesthetic advancements to deliver results. Specialties include microcurrent, … [read more]
At Bliss, you’re like family. They go above and beyond to deliver a remarkable experience for their guests. With a full salon, spa, boutique and bridal services, Bliss salon has grown into a place Lansing guests rave about. To say that Bliss has an incredible team is an understatement. They have over five Redken certified colorists and designers. To become Redken certified is no easy chore. Extensive testing and exams are required to prove their … [read more]
The TEN Nail Bar is an elevated nail care experience curated to provide stellar customer service and workmanship (champagne and warm vibes included). They are located in central Downtown Detroit’s Capitol Park neighborhood and in New Center. … [read more]
Your time is precious, and when you spend it at Sacred Hour, it will be spent relaxing in comfort. This spa is a refuge from life where you can recharge, reenergize and remember how good life can be. This is your chance to step back from the hectic pace of your life and relax. This is a safe haven to carve out time for peace and surrender, a place to take a deep breath and … [read more]
Owner, Renee Dreshaj, is the heart of Green Opal Salon. Renee envisioned a salon that would combine her two passions — creating beautiful hairstyles and preserving our precious Earth — and brought it to life in 2017 on the west side of Cleveland. As a Green Circle salon, their eco-conscious hair stylists are passionate about keeping both you and the Earth beautiful. They view it as their social responsibility to make beauty sustainable. In fact, … [read more]
At Unwind Wellness Center, customers enjoy the highest level of service as well as a luxurious, elegant experience. They’ve created a tranquil environment of beautiful, fresh aromas and sensual lighting that appeals to the senses and calms the mind. Services include massage, waxing, acupunture, facial treatments, and more, so there is something for everyone. … [read more]
When Carrie and Lauren Dunne – the ultimate mother-daughter duo – founded Varnish Lane, they created more than a nail salon. They set a new standard for beauty and care. At Varnish Lane, they believe that beauty fits “hand in hand” with wellness. And they know that safety, health and relaxation are essential ingredients. Varnish Lane always strives for best in class nail services, innovative wellness standards, and endless creative touches. … [read more]
The Nailsaloon is theplace to get superior, non-toxic nail care in a hyper-clean environment. It’s a place to gather, and both unwind and re-energize… make new friends and connect with old ones. It’s a place that gives back to the communities it serves. Founders Claudia and Andréa are longtime friends who always dreamed of ditching corporate America for better balance. So, in 2014 they opened the nailsaloon, and were able to do just that: sit … [read more]
If you’ve been searching for a hair salon, you have a lot to choose from in Las Vegas. Especially Summerlin with a salon on every corner. The Hair Standard is a small salon in the heart of it all. This collective of thirty stylists and one magical esthetician has a ton of heart. What are you looking for? Have you been recently inspired by a bold pink balayage or subtle sunkissed highlights? Maybe you want … [read more]
In today’s fast-paced world, women simply do not have the time to frequently debate the benefits of choosing between health or beauty. At Prestige Nail Boutique, they’ve joined health and beauty into a single lifestyle, all in a chic and luxurious space designed to make you feel pampered. … [read more]
Ohh! Lashes started in 2013 in a small, 300 sq ft suite in the heart of Coral Gables on the waterway. Since then, they have grown to a team of seven and occupy a beautiful 900 sq ft studio. All of their lash artists are trained by Owner and Master Lash Artist, Tamara, and specialize in the natural look. Tamara’s unique talents as a celebrity lash artist are the most desired on Miami’s chic shores, … [read more]
The level of detail in every Coatroom service is specifically designed to make you look and feel your best. From our friendly, skilled technicians to our soothing, nature-inspired formulas, we’ll bring out your inner peace and gloss over any distractions. … [read more]
milk + honey is a thriving collection of premier day spas and salons in Texas. They offer a spa experience that goes beyond exceptional treatments and the best therapists in town. A spa where you have a lounge to decompress. A design-forward environment that appeals to both men and women. … [read more]
Beyoutiful Nail Lounge prides itself with top of the line manicures and pedicures from experienced professionals. Following safe and clean regulations, complimentary beverages, student and senior discounts, they keep you relaxed, refreshed, and 100% satisfied with their service. … [read more]
At Santuary, they rescue you from the stress of current life and help you recover and repair with skin, body and holistic energy balance services. Their therapists soothe and heal, balance and enhance with progressive treatments and services that are inspired by natural plant and flower essences. … [read more]
LUV is a modern nail shop inspired by conscious living and created on the importance of self-luv. Their founding mission is to create a self-care haven where you’ll feel gorgeous, confident, and like you’re right at home the moment you walk in … [read more]
Tierra Santa Healing House, set on the third floor of Faena Hotel, is an impressive 22,000-square-foot sanctuary that features one of the largest hammams available on the East Coast, along with shaman-developed body-healing rituals and treatments, and technologically advanced facial treatments using Naturopathic and Biologique Recherche skincare lines. … [read more]
Glamour Bar’s mission is to be the ultimate house of beauty; by making the best in beauty easily accessible, creating a VIP experience for every client, and exceeding industry standards. … [read more]
​​​Eyelash Extensions are their specialty! They put their clients first and we believe that nothing beats the impact of a beautiful set of eyelash extensions. They customize our eyelash extensions to each individual and stand behind the quality of every set they do. … [read more]
PROSE was founded to create something beautiful and enriching for everyone. After listening to and learning from countless hands, feet, fingers, and toes (and their thankful owners), they concluded that these little workhorses deserve better. So much of the pressure in our lives sits on these parts of the body. Prose sets out to care more deeply for every last one in healthier ways – and that meant starting from scratch. The result is a … [read more]
Baked has been creating natural looking tans for over seven years. In this time they’ve perfected their application skills and have tested nearly every solution from the US, Australia and the UK. Their arsenal of shades will give you a subtle glow or a deep dark tan. Never orange. Never smelly. Always natural looking. … [read more]
Welcome to WHITEHOUSE Salon, a fashion forward boutique salon located in the heart of the beautiful shopping and style district of Shadyside, Pittsburgh, in a sun-drenched third-floor space. Though their name is WHITEHOUSE, they are green in their practices and treatments. All of their products are free of: parabens, sulfate, sodium chloride, gluten, DEO and MEA. They also offer Ammonia free hair colors from Paris (as seen in Vogue). Their team of certified master colorists … [read more]
Rescue Spa is a full-service day spa located in New York and Philadelphia founded by Danuta Mieloch (link to bio). Skin care is her business, and Rescue strives to make clients feel their best through restoration and rejuvenation. After 14 years as a luxury spa owner, Danuta produces unparalleled results that keep people coming back for more time and time again. “What motivates and drives me is seeing the serious changes we can help people … [read more]
Brush Nail Studio strives to provide the most relaxing and unique experience for their clients. They want you to feel that you are not just having your nails done, but like you are coming to see your family and friends. Their highly experienced team works diligently to create a relaxing environment for every client that comes through the door. So relax, unwind and forget about reality while enjoying a complimentary beverage! Brush Nail Studio — … [read more]
For over 5 years we have been Northwest Arkansas’ total beauty solution. Hair, eyelashes, makeup and permanent cosmetics, waxing, facials, nails and massage are finally in one convenient place. Whether it’s a spa day with your friends or just a quick drop-in, you can expect kind, loving, helpful service at every visit. … [read more]
A true urban oasis, the award winning Salon and Spa at Studio 2121 has been striving to raise the standard of outstanding service in Little Rock for over five years. Their goal to reveal to the most beautiful you is paralleled only by our commitment to the latest, innovative education possible and use of the most sought after products in the world. … [read more]
Turtle Cove Spa offers a unique and natural spa experience overlooking the wilderness of Lake Ouachita. Cross the suspended wooden bridge and feel your cares slipping away. The spa’s menu features a broad array of treatments, including massages, facials, body treatments, crystal energy work, pedicures and manicures, as well as a salon. Your spa experience includes: massage or holistic treatments in the wooded pavilion overlooking the lake; a unique Woodlands Workout circuit; and seasonal wellness … [read more]
Zen Bronze Healthy Tanning is a custom, airbrush tanning service in Riverside, CT and Westport, CT that was created to help you look your best without compromising your health. Our organic nut-free solutions and products will leave your skin looking tanned, moisturized and so natural that no one but you will know it’s a healthy tan. … [read more]
Body + Sole is a skincare and bodywork collective comprised of passionate professionals who love what we do. We continuously research treatments and trends to offer the latest innovations in the beauty industry. We test every product and practice every treatment so you feel confident in us and yourself. We love our community and believe strongly in giving back through volunteer work and donating our services to causes we believe in. We hope you love … [read more]
Elevate your Expectations… Spa Nature Jersey City is the perfect place to pamper yourself! Unwind with a Basic Pedicure that includes a foot massage with hot stones and natural Shea butter. Indulge in a one of a kind manicure with Shellac, a soak-off gel polish available in then different colors that shines for two weeks! Other services include soft waxing with satin smooth wax, massages, facial services. … [read more]
At Chicago’s Epoch Studio Salon stylists offer everything from traditional colors and cuts, to airbrush makeup applications and extensions, to balayage, ombré and special event styling. … [read more]
Based in Chicago this nail salon creates a nail care experience that empowers women on both sides of the manicure table.  Ale is determined to create a national, branded space where busy, highly-scheduled women can get reliable, convenient nail care — without breaking the bank or squandering an entire afternoon — that will leave them feeling polished, powerful, and ready to conquer the day. … [read more]
A spray tan experience that is easy, foolproof and fun, but also prioritizes and protects our largest and most important organ—the skin. At Pure Glow, an organic spray tan means that many of the ingredients that make up our spray tanning solution are either USDA certified organic or eco-cert organic. Eco-cert organic is the European equivalent to USDA organic for cosmetics. The reason for two different certifications is due to the fact that the US … [read more]
NAILS, BROWS, WAXING – Celebrating self care through mini moments of luxury.  Clean, Self Care – We stand for self-care and beauty with a clean conscience. It doesn’t take much to give yourself a little love, hit reset, and show up just for you. Together, we celebrate craft, creativity, and self-expression through mini moments that make you feel good. … [read more]
In 1984, two brothers, Van and Michael Council partnered to build a salon that would offer the finest services available for hair in the world.ďż˝ This initial vision of a salon in the Buckhead area of Atlanta with just seven chairs has grown into one of the most successful salons in history. With several locations in Atlanta and Tokyo, over 1000 people a day trust Van Michael Salon for their beauty needs. All Van Michael … [read more]
Voted Atlanta’s Best Nail and Beauty Bar since opening in 2005 year after year. Sugarcoat aims to provide an urban oasis for all to escape to. Each location is designed to provide a clean, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Our services are provided by talented and skillful technicians. Our goal is to provide the best nail and beauty experience at the most affordable price without compromising on product quality or cleanliness. … [read more]
Nouvelle was founded back in 2008 by Alayna Hoang. Tired of working in the traditional nail salons, she decided to venture off on her own. Her mission at Nouvelle is to create a delightful retreat from the pressing worries of the modern world. Embodying our own signature blend of natural and organic ingredients. At Nouvelle, each guest is an individual, and each treatment, a highly personal affair. Our technicians are constantly attuned, sensitive and responsive … [read more]
Located in Atlanta’s Historic Old Fourth Ward, Aviary is a collective of beauty and wellness professionals founded on the belief that beauty is not, in fact, skin deep; that the way we look and feel is deeply and directly influenced by the lives we lead. At Aviary, you will find impassioned salon and spa professionals who are top-notch in their respective fields. Our staff uses only the highest quality products on the market today, with … [read more]
Valley Girl Tan is the premier custom airbrush tanning studio in the Los Angeles area.  We make client satisfaction and safety our priority.  We follow FDA regulations to ensure we provide each client a safe CUSTOM AIRBRUSH TAN.  Before your custom spray tan you will receive a one-on-one consultation, to ensure you will leave with the desired BRONZED GLOW you are looking for.  In addition to preparing you for your tan, the studio also educates you … [read more]
Two of LA’s top estheticians, based in Beverly Hills, Cyndi & Lana offer facials, waxing, lash tinting, and paraffin hand treatments. Based in the beautiful Lukaro Salon – Where Beauty Meets Serenity.  … [read more]
Celebrity Stylist Giuseppe Franco has a dynamic personality that immediately puts one at ease. Called the “Boss of Beverly Hills” by his clients and friends. You have to meet him! Long recognized as a hair expert and hair stylist to the stars, he greets clients personally with his undeniable warm and friendly New York Italian personality as they enter his Beverly Hills Salon. … [read more]