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Breaking Free Mediation

Breaking Free Mediation
2236 South Barrington Avenue
Los Angeles, California

Rebecca Zung & Susan Guthrie are the founders of Breaking Free Mediation.  and a powerful expression of what’s possible for people.  We empower people through the challenges of life’s transitions and difficulties, through our mediation process, materials, products, masterclasses, speaking engagements, published writings and through national media. Our knowledge, expertise and compassion creates a positive lifelong transformation for people. Through our diverse backgrounds in law, finance and teaching, we bring extraordinary insight into every facet of family law, relationships and living a vibrant, healthy life. A cornerstone of what makes us successful is a commitment to bringing people together and making things happen. We are committed to the process of mindfulness within the context of dispute and conflict resolution and divorce mediation, that our ideas become a powerful resource, and that we can help people thrive through transition.  Get started with your divorce and get help with your divorce papers here.  Services available in Los Angeles, Florida, Chicago & Connecticut.