City Dads Group

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November 2008. It’s a mom, mom, mom, mom world of parenting.

Mom-centric “parenting” publications, blogs and advertisements. “Mommy & Me” classes. Mom’s Night Out parties. The “maternal instinct” apparently needs lots of advice, support and nurturing from the media and society.


Lance Somerfeld and Matt Schneider, friends and former teaching colleagues at a New York City public school, had each decided to take on the challenge of being the primary caregiver in their families out of a desire to play an active role in the raising of their kids and out of practicality – financial, logistical and otherwise. However, they often found themselves isolated. They’d be the only fathers at kiddie exercise or crafts classes, shunned by moms’ groups, and ignored at the playground simply because of their gender.

There must be other dads – whether at-home or working, married or single, gay or straight – who were looking for that same kind of parental camaraderie and network that the mothers they encountered had built and relied upon?

There wasn’t. So they started NYC Dads Group.

Initially composed of a handful of fathers wanting to arrange playdates and outings with their children, it grew to more than 900 dads who bond over their children and a desire to change the face of modern fatherhood through word, deed, and example.

Buoyed by their success, they decided in 2013 to expand the concept throughout the United States by helping start similar groups in other major metropolitan areas under the umbrella name City Dads Group.